Olympian Usain Bolt strikes his famous pose inside Tracks & Records at Market Place in Kingston.

KLE eyes New York for first Tracks & Records franchise

Amid a J$17-million loss for the first quarter, entertainment company KLE Group said it intends to grow its way into the local and international markets and solidify its financial position through strategic ventures, including franchising of its flagship brand.

The group, which recently launched a new nightclub in Portmore, said though regrettable, the losses are "nothing insur-mountable" and was "somewhat anticipated given the level of reorganising undergone".

"What we see playing out is what was projected, as the group continues the growth mode of developing new revenue...

This way to my place: Usain Bolt opens club and restaurant Tracks and Records in Jamaica

Inside the foyer at Tracks and Records, the digits frozen in time spoke for themselves: 9.58 and 19.19. They were mounted on mock trackside clocks, with the legends "World Championships Berlin 2009", "100m WR" and "200m WR" accompanying them.

Lest there be any mistake, this was actually Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records, to give the establishment the full title displayed on the wall outside, complete with a logo of the world's fastest man pulling his trademark "To Di World" pose. Inside was a spacious bar and eatery, with lights dimmed and sporting action coming at you from a dozen...