Usain Bolt Tracks & Records to open in UK this year

Photo: Dr Usain Bolt (2nd right) is joined by (from left) Montego Bay businessman Mark Hart; Diedel Klover, sculptor of Bolt’s statue; CEO of KTL Gary Matalon Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis and Tourism Director, Donovan White in striking his signature To Di World pose following the unveiling of his statue at opening ceremony of the UBTR Montego Bay restaurant Wednesday night. (Photso: Aceion Cunningham) 

The first global Usain Bolt Tracks & Records (UBTR) restaurant is set to open in the UK later this year.

The restaurant, Casual Dining Restaurant Group (CDRG), to be operated under the umbrella of the SME Group, will be the fourth UBTR location.

The SME Group is a private holding company operating, under franchise licence, over 120 restaurants and hotels.

“Our newest franchisee is in the UK, which is the CDRG restaurant group and we are very excited about that. We can say tonight (Wednesday night) officially that we will be opening our first location outside of Jamaica, which will be in London later this year. So we are very excited about that,” KLE CEO Gary Matalon announced.


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